Meet the Team

The team behind PC Master Race is quite unique, diverse, and skilled group (and because of this, it's appropriate that members of the community know who they are). Each has their own specialties and skills that contribute to the subreddit itself, as well as its many surrounding communities. The team is (for the most part) indigenous to the PCMasterRace subreddit and doesn't have moderator duties or management level participation in other subreddits or communities outside PCMR. This level of focus may very well be one of the ingredients to the success and growth of the community.

-----Senior Team-----


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I have founded PCMR and head its communities. I am a Lawyer by trade, technology enthusiast and gamer at heart.

My interests are vast, and being a jack of all trades really does mean that you become a master of none, but that doesn't bother me.

I work hard in administrating the biggest community of PC enthusiasts in the world, spending more than one hundred hours a month working on PCMR (some other members of the team do the same). Managing it so as to continuously spread factual truths and information about PC and technology in general has been an important part of my life for the last 7 years. It's been a long and winding road, but we've created something beautiful together. Let's keep it going!

My first experience with computers was using my father's Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the early 90's. I remember playing Winter Challenge, Centurion: Defender of Rome and Wolfenstein 3D on 386 and 486 powered computers before I finally got my first own PC, a Celeron 266 with 32MB of Ram, that for some reason came with Quake 2 pre-installed.

A few interviews I gave:


Steam / Instagram

Started gaming on a Powermac 8500, moved to a Powermac G4 and was always saddened at the games I couldn't play because of my platform. One of my friends then built his PC and showed me the wonder of PC gaming. We went to Fry's immediately and bought parts. I've been PCMR from then on (much to the dismay of my mom who worked for Apple at the time).

I have built many a machine, both for me and for friends and family ( as well as for a small profit at times ) and I've found something relaxing about the process so have jumped at the chance to any machine I could get my hands on.

I found my way to this sub after it being mentioned in one of TotalBiscuit's videos and it seemed like a good fit and have stuck here ever since.

There's so much disinformation circling around the internet about PC gaming and I truly feel this sub is doing amazing work at dispelling it while staying grounded at the same time.

My current machine.


I think my relationship with computers started with an Apple IIe and got serious a few years later with the family Packard Bell (IIRC: 75MHz Pentium, 8MB RAM, 500MB HDD, Windows 3.11) with a lot of time spent playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Over the years this interest has grown to encompass my entertainment, my education, and even my professional life. I’ve been mostly self-taught, but have worked in IT here and there, though I try to avoid it if I can.

I’m not entirely sure why I was offered the mod position, but I think it has something to do with my attempts to combat the misuse/abuse of the “peasant” moniker and my efforts against low-quality posts.

Lately it seems like I always have some project or another in the works, which means no time for gaming.


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I found PCMR back in its early days, probably around the time when the sub only had 300 or so subscribers. It was at the time just a small community with the common element of rightfully believing that the PC is the greatest platform holding us together. To imagine at the time the sub growing as large as it is now was inconceivable, and it was just a pipe dream at the time that I'd be here moderating with everyone on the team... yet here we are. Granted, I didn't quite get here like everybody else; I figure that Pedro fatfingered "GabeNewellBellevue" and accidentally typed "TheAppleFreak" into the mod invitation panel instead. It's clearly the best explanation for why I'm here.

A lot of my involvement with PCMR is a bit less visible than other mods, but I like to think that I'm helping to make the subreddit a better place in my own way. I'm quite adept at bending CSS and regex to my will. My code powers some of the most important functions of the subreddit, which is really a terrifying prospect when you stop and think about it.

When not staring blankly at the AutoMod config and wondering why my regex isn't parsing, I can usually be found working in IT, staring blankly at my IDE and wondering why my regex isn't parsing. I like to play PlanetSide 2, Overwatch, Ingress, and Project M, and I use the Oxford comma. I also have a 3D printer and crash racing drones.



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Gamer - Programmer - Student

My start as a PC gamer came out of jealousy of my friend who had just build his first gaming computer. I mean why could he play games that looked amazing while I was stuck on the silly little xbox. Around 6 years ago I build my first PC, an AMD Powered (FX 8350 - Radeon 7870 - 16gb Ram) beast used mostly for netflix, attempting to teach myself code, and getting viruses. Throughout the years, my summer jobs have contributed greatly to my PC as well as the games I can play on it. Most days I play Rocket League quite competitively, as is my nature.

I found PCMR after about two years but mainly lurked. After awhile, I applied for the twitch team and didn't get in. A few months later, I applied again... And didn't get in. So as a solution I wrote a program I refer to as my greatest learning tool. AKA the sloppiest code I have ever written. This was just a twitch moderation bot that gave me a spot on the twitch team. Over time I got more and more involved in PCMR until I got a message from Pedro asking if I wanted to be a mod, an exciting day to say the least.

On a normal day you can expect me to be on discord browsing PCMR, playing Rocket League, or writing some useless program because why not. I like to think I'm a pretty laid back guy, but if you break a rule you will feel the heat of 1000 suns bearing on you until you perish in the flames. Feel free to add me on steam if you ever want to play some games. I'll accept until my friends list is full.


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I got my start PC gaming way back in the early 90's when my parents bought a Packard Bell 486SX-33. I spent a good amount of time in my childhood fiddling with Atari and Nintendo consoles but I was always drawn back to that beige box in the office. A few years later I would go on to build my first machine; a Pentium 90 custom machine that I saved and bought all the parts for. By that time, I was hooked for life.

In my professional life I have been lucky enough to have worked for some of the biggest PC game companies around. After the help of a friend to get my foot in the door at Maxis way back in 1999, I went on to spend most of my 20's testing hardware compatibility and general QA for companies like Konami, EA, Microprose, Hasbro Interactive, and Take Two. My career has shifted towards the mobile space in recent years but my PC gaming enthusiasm has never subsided.

I guess I consider myself a bit of an elder statesman of the PCMR and I'm happy to be a part of the team. You can find me wrangling the cats on the discord server most days.


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Hailing from the land of Australia, having been a gamer and PC user as far back as the NES/SNES days; I grew up through the evolution of both console and PC markets during the old dialup days, the good old 90's, where I played on both as I had the chance to across many of the platforms available as a friend and I pulled the funds for each system and its games at the time right up to the Xbox/PS3 era which was the last foot I had in them thus having made the switch to being full time PC and not long after found this sub where I have been helping with where and what I can.

I have studied, and continue to learn more about Systems/Network Administration, Help Desk and other role related skills to apply my knowledge in helping users and other mods via our discord in the tech support channel when I am not doing the same on the sub finding as many challenging issues to help resolve. When I have the time and find the game for it I would be streaming it through my twitch channel (which is something I am slowly improving on whilst I wait for the likes of fiber internet to roll out to get faster uploads for) and am generally active on my twitter which spiders out to the rest of my social feeds.


Steam / Twitter / instagram

Gamer, Drift Enthusiast, Biker.

Hmm my start for pc gaming happened just before the "Next Gen" consoles and i had been playing primarily on Xbox 360 before then. so in the short time before the xbox one and ps4 came out, i found out that you could play games like skyrim, borderlands, CoD, and others on a computer before then the extent of pc gaming i took part in was before then was just playing browser games from pogo, yahoo games, and newgrounds. but anyways just before the new consoles launched i found out about pc gaming via youtube and that led me to reddit and /r/PCMasterRace. so when i found out that you can have a pc for the same money as a console that out performs it i was amazed. but i bought the xbox one to give it a fair chance and i was quickly disappointed, so i built a pc and havent looked back since. i believe the first rendition of my pc had an amd fx 8350 8gb of ram and a gtx 760. it destroyed my xbox. but here i am 3 years later with my current pc its name is "Thunder" i plan to have a 1080 in it by the end of the year and maybe a 1tb ssd as well if they come down in price.

other than that, all of that my non gaming activities consist of either riding my bike all over the tri-state area [Vermont-New Hampshire-Maine] and attending my local drift events at Clubloose North.


Steam / Twitter

"A man who has no enemies has never stood up for anything in his life." I stand for PC gaming, and it has made some peasants very sweaty and angry. I don't mean to say I take pride in infuriating people... I actually hate it and wish everyone would take information excitedly rather than angrily. Oh well, they have time to figure it all out I guess.

I found /r/PCMasterRace in September of 2013, during my recovery period of a very dangerous illness (I think I was pretty close to dying, long recovery period!). I had a lot of time to spare and a lot of interest in the place, so I spent roughly 3-4 hours browsing it every day, and was extremely happy to have found a community that didn't continuously blab about how "PC gaming is dead" and instead was able to prove the opposite was true. I began on the wiki around late October and rose to the unofficial "Wiki Master" position in early November. As the subscriber count and activity exploded, new moderators were needed, so I rose a little further to fill an open mod seat. Been there ever since!

Aside from my normal moderator duties (ideally just removing extremely low-quality and trolly content), I specialize in 'information and outreach' stuff (I actually didn't even care much about reddit until I found this sub. Basically, I like to see people learn. My leading cause of joining and helping build this place is my love for PC gaming). I participate in several of the external communities and even play in our official servers sometimes, to everyone's frustration (they all get wrecked). I try my best to draw attention to things that need attention, whenever they need it. Collecting and beautifying information & resources is my specialty. I officially became a moderator the day before the Great Ban (I actually thought I was the one that caused it because it happened while I was adding the initial few of the now popular calls to the AutoModerator), but had been involved with the early form of the "Why PC?" guide a while before that. I love video games and their industry and strongly believe the PC to be the superior gaming platform. My hatred for consoles is actually driven by my love for gaming. I do my best to show people the light and hastily push forward fully-informed PC gaming (it does a lot more than the traditional desk-keyboard-mouse thing, you know!). I do software development and have contributed to free software projects. I'm also a hobbyist content creator and self-proclaimed expert of frugality. -Tizaki theapplefreak is holding me hostage someone please help, he's coming back and he's gonna hurt me


The culmination of Alien_from_europa's and Applefreak's skills, crest is the most advanced bot ever made. Even though he was first made for the sole purpose of rating selfies, he can now flair, remove, ban and even respond to comments and make posts. He passes off as human even under intense scrutiny. Some less than favorable people might claim that he was created after tizaki's drunken night with automod but I assure you, that's solely the ramblings of peasants jealous of superior A.I.


These are fully fledged members of the PCMR team who, for one reason or another, are temporarily absent from everyday PCMR management.


SK for friends and foes alike. IT Adviser and Security Consultant of an IT company at day, moderator at night (sometimes they cross over in each other's time region).
Started PC Gaming with a 286 and never let go after that. Still like to reminisce of the old days and even play some good old floppy's on my 486DX2. This is how we used to battle peasantry, we had the best boxes!

I was picked as a mod recently due to my contributions on the curator and I'm enjoying helping out a lot. Funny thing is that this account's sole purpose was contributing to a game and be deleted. The only reason it's still here is because I enjoyed being at PCMR.

Favorite PC games of all time: Baldur's Gate 2 (and 1),Fallout 1 (and 2), Planescape Torment, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 (and 3). There's more but let's keep it civilized.
Current PC: i7 4790k, 2x Gigabyte OC 780s in SLI, 32 GB RAM, 2x 500 GB SSDs and 1 4TB SSHD.
Current laptop: Lenovo Y500: i7 3630qm, GTX 650M in SLI, 16 GB RAM, 1 500 GB SSD and 1 1TB HDD.

I'm also an avid PC builder and the local audiophile.

My computers:

  • Kratos (2010, main PC)
  • Endymion (late 2013, current HTPC, was originally supposed to be built inside of a hollowed out Xbox 360)
  • Planned build for later this year, hopefully


Steam / Twitter / Facebook

I was born PCMR. My parents never let me have a console and my brother was really into computers, so I just followed his footsteps. The first family computer was a Tandy 1000 in the 1980s. My first personal computer was a 286. I adored that thing. QBASIC, anyone? Then I got a 386, 486, and so on. With PCs, I got hand-me-downs from my bro. In high school, my brother would format my hard drive and install different versions of Linux without asking me. Learned Linux the hard way. Last PC was in college. Was part of a CS:Source clan and would play at the local cyber cafe. I miss those times. Truly glorious. Studied IT in college, but haven't used it since, so I don't remember pretty much anything. After college, kept with lappies. Loved my IBM Thinkpad, followed by my Y510p (that was stolen by my brother), and now I've got a toaster from work. The only game I play is Bejeweled 3 to basically relax. I've been very busy with work and reddit. However, I have 600+ games I never installed, thanks to Humble Bundles and glorious steam sales. Planning to build my first epic HTPC in 2016 if my world domination plans go accordingly. For PCMR-related TV, check out Halt and Catch Fire and Mr. Robot. Truly fantastic shows! Favorite PCMR movie is War Games. That kid is my hero. Favorite book is Wayside School Is Falling Down. I'm /r/childfree and /r/petfree. Though I do get visited by a ton of turkeys. They like me for my bread.



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