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[email protected] is a project by the Stanford University that uses our computing power to help study the process of protein folding so as to aid research on various diseases, including many forms of cancer, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and Parkinson's. It is basically a big distributed supercomputer, and you can contribute a node!

It has already been useful in multiple ways that I do not understand ( I shitpost on the internet, I am not a biological scientist rocket surgeon )

What do I have to do to help out?

All you have to do is install a small program on your computer, android phone, or even a PS3 and it downloads a small amount of data that it analyses. When finished it then returns the results to the Stanford researchers and collects another task. You can even choose what disease research to base the bulk of your computing power on or just let it fold them all!

I don't have quad Xeons and 8 Titan XPs and 14 RX Vegas. Can I really do anything?

Everyone, no matter the hardware they possess, has a chance to help researchers fighting cancer and other illnesses, and, perhaps, make a big difference in the life of other people. Here it is running on a Pentium 4. While a modern CPU and GPU will be tenfold faster at folding every little bit can help! It's effectively making it so scientists get faster access to information! Here's an i5-6500/GTX 970

Joining is easy and takes about 3 minutes!

  1. Visit this link and click where it says DOWNLOAD under step 1.

  2. Install the software and everything is very self explanatory.

  3. That's it! There's some more advanced configuration you can do but it is not required to get science!

You can choose any username you want, even if it's already taken, and select to be part of a team to 'compete' against other teams to see who can accomplish the most science. Our team number is 225605 but you do not have to join ours if you don't want.

In the initial config screen, you can also have a passkey e-mailed to you by Stanford University. This is a string that you can add when you set up [email protected] and that will give you extra folding points, under some criteria, if you finish your work units before scheduled! For higher end hardware this is very common. [email protected] benchmarks their tasks on an older first generation i7. This is your target to beat.

NEW: If you want to show that you're part of the PCMR Folding Team on the PCMR subreddit, we have a way for you to do that! Head to the PCMR Folding page and sign in with your Reddit account and provide your [email protected] Passkey ( above ). If you're in the top 1000 of the team you will get a special flair, so it may be a couple of days before you get it. I am trying to work with Stanford to make this limitation not a thing.

But doesn't this make my computer run very hot?

It is designed to run your system as hard as it can to get the fastest returns on results, so yes it can make your computer run hot. However, you have control as to when it runs and how quickly you want it to run. Your options are Light, Medium or Full.

  • Light: CPU is Folding at half speed and the GPU is not Folding at all.
  • Medium: CPU is Folding at three-quarter speed. GPU Folding is enabled and at full speed. Medium is selected by default.
  • High: CPU is Folding at full blast and so is the GPU. This will consume the most power and generate the most heat.

You can also control whether or not you want to Fold while you're doing other things.

  • While I'm working: Folding is enabled ( as above ) at all times.
  • Only when idle: Starts folding when you leave the machine for a couple minutes.

Personally, I run at Medium while I'm at work and pause Folding when playing games. My GPU never breaks 70c and is silent doing it and I have CPU folding disabled.

Many people also find that running it at medium or even high makes no difference on what concerns performance if you're only just browsing the internet.

If those options aren't enough and you want some further control, you have options.

  • Programs like TThrottle can suspend and resume Folding based on the CPU / GPU temperature. [email protected] already does this, but only at extreme temperatures.
  • [email protected] can be configured so it only uses a number of CPU cores you specify
  • Programs like MSI Afterburner can make sure your GPU will never go past a certain temperature when folding.

If, instead, you are going for MAX/FULL power folding, then know that [email protected] is designed to max your parts even more than video games or benchmarks! This means your temperatures will be higher than normal so you will want to check what they reach and/or tweak your CPU/GPU fan curves so they run at a higher speed. Your CPU and GPU are designed for this.

As always, you're the one who knows best what you're trying to achieve, but know that having this software startup at boot and running on low at all times will usually have barely any effect on performance/temperatures.

Consider running a monitoring program alongside when folding at a constant FULL level. Some program recommendations are OCCT, MSI's Afterburner or other similar programs.


If you have any questions, ask them here!

Let's fold!