How was the expression b0rn?

The term "The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" was first used as an ironic expression to describe PC Gamers by game reviewer and comedic writer "Yahtzee" on a review for The Witcher.

Quite some time ago I coined a phrase in Zero Punctuation ... The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC gamer. ... I meant it as a dig.

/u/Pedro19’s intent when creating this subreddit, back in early 2011, was to make it a home for PC Enthusiasts, a place where all of us could come in and share experiences, a place that didn't exist yet. The name’s choice was not entirely innocent as it was meant to grab a term that was used as an insult and make it our own (albeit getting rid of "gaming" in the title since the community’s purpose is not just gaming but everything PC), changing its meaning and re-appropriating it, in order to express the objective superiority of the PC.

This is not a satirical or circlejerk subreddit nor did it start as one. Do not confuse it, however, with the fact that we do have several tongue-in-cheek and satirical humor elements. Life isn't either 100% serious or 100% joke. In life, you will many times share both serious and funny moments with those you love or spend more time with. The PC Master Race is like life, both serious and funny.

Term re-appropriation

"But the term Master Race means A, B or C!" - Please read this thread and its comments, where we discuss and explain how, in our opinion, that is a non-issue.

History is full of examples of term re-appropriation. One that best fits the story of "PC Master Race" is Yankee Doodle, an anti-American song sang by the British during the American Revolutionary War.

Much like the Americans made the term Yankee their own, so did we with PC Master Race, and much like the British of the time, the "concern trolls" were angry at us for proudly adopting the term and subverting its original intent of being used as an insult. You’ll often hear them say "the term was meant to be an insult" and that it's "embarrassing how badly we misunderstand it". Most say so because they heard someone else say it and simply repeat it. More often than not, such people do not know what they're talking about.

We know what Yahtzee meant when he said "The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race" then. But, do you know what we made it mean now?

Objectives and Stats

The expression "PC Master Race" being used as a synonym to the objective superiority of the PC was popularized by the PC Master Race subreddit. Its global growth, as well as its status as a meme, is the direct work of this subreddit and its communities.

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Subreddit Subscriber count

/r/PCMasterRace expresses, first and foremost, an idea of community. We're a community of PC enthusiasts who acknowledge the objective advantages of the PC for a multitude of activities, gaming included.

Our main objectives are:

1) To create a large, friendly, varied, multiply seeded community where PC enthusiasts can discuss and share content about anything PC related.

2) To strongly contribute to the spread of correct information as well as to fight against misinformation in technology and in gaming.

3) To discuss with anyone about the advantages of PC, and to help anyone who wishes to join the PC Master Race.

Anyone can join the PC Master Race. We are an inclusive community where one's age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, and religion are completely irrelevant. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.


PCMR's team has been interviewed on a few occasions. Please check these interviews to learn a bit more about what PCMR stands for:

The Great Ban

In November 2013, shortly after entering the top 500 subreddits, /r/PCMasterRace was temporarily banned. The situation behind the ban involved the supposed doxxing of a user by another user of the subreddit, and a downvote brigade against multiple moderators and a Reddit site administrator.

Although relatively short, this ban made the PC Master Race subreddit adopt stricter anti-harassment and anti-brigading measures which consubstantiated on its current rule. Reddit-wise, /r/PCMasterRace has some of the most strict and protective rules in place to tackle such improper behavior, rules far stricter than most other subreddits and internet communities.


We are a generous community of PC Enthusiasts with a soft spot for education and charity, both amongst fellow members of the community and all those in need.

Besides the incredible and constant displays of generosity in the form of software and hardware giveaways and donations, the community has also contributed strongly to more "mainstream" forms of charity.


1) Together we have contributed with over $1000 to St. Jude Children's Hospital on the St. Jude Give Thanks. Walk. initiative in November 2014.

2) Together we have contributed with over $5000 to Reddit's chosen charities in January 2015 through our 2 charity Official PC Master Race T-shirt runs.

3) PCMR continues to contribute to the Stanford run [email protected] Disease research program. You can find the stats of the PCMR Team here and more detailed statistics here. Our team averages 15 million points a day, that's good enough for top 15 of 250 000 teams!

PCMR Game of the Year

As 2015 wrapped up, the PCMR decided to venture into new territory by holding their own 'game of the year' awards. It turned out pretty well.