Some people, usually uninformed about our community, repeat to exhaustion that we're a "circlejerk" community that was created as "satire".

That is false.

The history of the PCMR is well-explained here if you wish to read it.

When people refer to the concepts of a “satire” and/or “circlejerk” community they usually mean one of two things:

1 – The fact that a majority of the members of that community share similar opinions about the main topics that community usually discusses and sometimes end up having private jokes among themselves. PCMR, like most other communities, is one of these.

2 - A community where the members interact with one another in a purposefully moronic fashion, "for the lulz". Literally a place where people will pretend to be stupid when posting and commenting because they find it funny. The PCMR is not one of these communities, and you will be banned if you conduct yourself like that here.

We are a community of people with shared interests that happens to not restrict itself to dealing with issues only in a serious manner. This is not the same as condoning idiotic behavior.

Please follow our rules and be aware that breaking them can result in your expulsion. Our community is not the place for you to feign stupidity.